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Soon-to-be graduates and recent graduates (under 1 year)

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What You'll Gain from this Webinar

Insights into how to captivate and retain your clients, creating lasting relationships. Free checklist to being prepared for a new salon. Afterwards you can set you a call or apply to get started!

Special BONUS: Hear Directly from a Luxury Brand Salon Owner

Exclusive interview with Luxury Brand Salon owner, Lisa Vann from Vann.Studio Seattle, WA. Voted Top 200 Salons in the USA- Platform Texture Hair & Editorial Artist Salon Owner/Educator.

What you will learn in this free webinar

See and hear testimonial on how fast a salon as a whole can grow. Learn how fast you can grow your clients immediately right out of beauty school & hear the top Q&A from Emerging Stylists looking to be hired in a high-end salon.

How to Launch Right Out of Beauty School

See and hear testimonial on how fast a salon as a whole can grow. Learn how fast you can grow your clients immediately right out of beauty school & hear the top Q&A from Emerging Stylists looking to be hired in a high-end salon.

Establish Consistency

Learn that consistency is a part of the recipe for success long term. Find out how Stylist Success BootCamp has a program to help you fine tune your consistency behind the chair every time.

Avoid Burnout and Create a Lasting Career

Discover what it takes to avoid burn out and keep growing even after 10, 20, 30 or even 40 years in our industry.

The Missing Piece to Your Client Retention Strategy

Knowing your clients, and getting them to trust you by being consistent and establishing connection starts with you joining us inside the webinar.


WOW, oh WOW! With each module, each page and word, I kept repeating to myself, "I've NEVER seen a more thorough and thoughtful training course! Congratulations on developing these magnificent training tools, illustrations, photos and for the complete client care module.

Ann Mince, My Beauty Industry Mentor

After being a hairdresser for 40 years. I found this educational program refreshing. Dayna leaves nothing out. From handling clients, using tools, and executing hair techniques from basic to advanced. This is an amazing opportunity for any hairdresser at any level.

Kim D., Salon Owner

I found Dayna's 3 to Be Me process extremely helpful as an invitation to think about and convey what I wanted from my hair. I'd taken pictures into my stylist before, but this made me think about what drew me to a particular style, and what I like and didn't like about it. Thinking about three adjectives that described my own personality, and what I wanted to communicate with my hair, really made me think about hair in a new and more holistic way. I think I learned something about myself. And I got a great haircut!

Teresa J., Client

Why I decided to get out of my own way and put my team first. After over 30 years educating the next generation in hair. I have loved working with other experienced hairstylists to grow my team. The best decision I made was 2 years ago was starting the 3 to Be Me hair experience. This program has changed the way we start our new stylists in such a positive way. We now have taken on 4 apprentices to start them on their way to get their Washington state license. This is a ongoing program that teaches them how to learn the soft skills in cosmetology. Connection, communication and follow through. We are now growing faster then ever. It also takes the pressure off our educators to constantly have to prepare a class and getting the new stylists started. Amazing way to grow your team.

Lisa Vann, Salon Owner

About Dayna...

Stylist, educator, speaker, and salon owner Dayna Cakebread graduated from the Horst Educational Center in Minneapolis (now known as The Aveda Institute) in 1992. She went on to join the Aveda Concept Salons, creating their assistant programs and serving as Educational Director.  

With an additional 4 years as an independent contractor, Dayna opened Belle Epoque Salon in 2002, where it quickly became an educational studio, preparing new stylists for the challenges of a hairstyling career.  

In 2005, Dayna upgraded the salon space to provide full service with the 3 To Be Me brand and a large staff. This salon was the first in North America to achieve a Zero Impact Salon recognition from the Davines hair product line of Italy. In 2008, Belle Epoque Salon won the City of Portland award for Best Sustainable Business (small business category).  

Beyond salon life, it became clear that Dayna's talents are best applied by sharing her skills with other stylists; this unique salon concept education can be applied by anyone, anywhere in the world. In 2016, Dayna began working with students at Artecorte Beauty School in Havana, Cuba. As their North American Coordinator, she teaches there and brings supplies three times per year. She fills her calender with her online education programs, public speaking engagements, private clients and travel.

Dayna Cakebread

Now you can benefit from this new approach to beauty from the inside out! The Stylist Success Bootcamp is your quick download of a career's worth of skills you don't learn in cosmetology school and sets you up with a system of success to repeat over and over. 

About Lisa...

Lisa Vann

Lisa Vann has been one of Seattle's leading stylists and salon owners since 1986. She’s been a pioneer and master of textured hair for just as long and her passion for sharing beautiful, thoughtfully designed styles with the world runs deep and as well as her passion to grow the industry she loves.