Build a Clientele for Life

Learn how to conduct a comprehensive consultation in under 10 minutes using our revolutionary 3 To Be Me method that leaves clients feeling seen and heard, which builds instant loyalty and unleashes your artist skills.

3 to Be Me Hair Experience is an emotionally-engaged  results- holistic communication system for salons and stylists who desire to elevate their client’s? experience, maximize creativity that instantly builds brand loyalty and clientele for life. The system is rooted in neuroscience and includes the 3 To Be Me consultation guide for building service plans for any client and has resulted in 3X product sales, 50% increase in word-of-mouth referrals and 75% client retention.


Be Salon Ready


Elevate Your Creativity


Create Client Loyalty

Hey Stylists!

Are you ready to light up your skills and clients at the same time?
Would you love to not worry about the client's personality sitting in your chair?
Do you want a proven system to grow your career/brand instantly?

Take our 3 To Be Me career assessment to uplevel your career with the secrets of successful stylists.

These 15 questions determine your salon skill level and show you options to level up, prepping you for success in excellence in salons, your own chair anywhere and how to create a loyal clientele that follows you for life.

Take just 5 minutes to start your journey to becoming  "3 To Be Me" Stylist Certified.

Certification means more than a piece of paper.
It signifies your commitment to excellence, preparing you to navigate diverse hair landscapes with expertise in textures, types, and lifestyles. "3 To Be Me" is your passport to becoming a holistic hair artist, supporting the concept of a Whole Hair Experience.

Join us on this transformative journey, where every aspect of your client's hair is considered and cared for, and watch as your career reaches new heights, one exceptional consultation at a time! Elevate yourself, empower your clients, and embody excellence with "3 To Be Me."


The Stylist Success BootCamp distills this method into the essential salon skills that make the difference between average results and amazing, successful stylists. Client consultations, ‘innerviews’ and client education methods are tailored to let your personality and creative genius shine.

This Certification is for emerging, launching, catapulting and rockstar stylists who are ready to help their clients to build authentic beauty from the inside out and build a relationship with you as their go-to stylist.3 To Be Me is a game changer to a sustainable career and beauty connections to last a lifetime.

The Stylist Success BootCamp assessment will give you a baseline on where you are today, show you insight what is in the program

Take just 5 minutes to start your journey to build an authentic full clientele in a year, a successful career and the stylist business you dream of having. Living your best life with balance!

Getting your cosmetology license is just the first step in starting your stylist career, and there’s a lot they’ve left out that keeps you from succeeding. The Clients are the ones who hold the key to your success. Without them returning and referring it’s like pushing a boulder up a hill. With 3 to Be Me Certification your clients will not be a mystery, You will get the keys to unlock them to trust, care, stop worrying and take action!

Stylist Success Bootcamp teaches you the skills to go beyond the basics and move confidently to be hired into the premiere, high-end and boutique salon world and if you are already in those types of salons then the 3 To Be Me Certification program will speed up your career putting your dreams into reality.


Dayna puts +25 years of salon success secrets in this Bootcamp so you can begin right away to:


Maximizing Your Creative Skills & Knowledge

Reach a Full Clientele in a Year

Create Clientele Loyalty For Life

Set Yourself Toward Actualizing Your Career Rewards $$$$$$

Consultation Blueprint for Repeat Success Every Time

Join Dayna Cakebread, host of the Stylist Success BootCamp, and Lisa Vann from Vann Studios, Voted Top 200 in the US salon scene, as they discuss Salon Ready—a transformative experience.

Discover the 3 to Be Me program's purpose, creation journey, and insights from Lisa's success. Don't miss the chance to shape your salon's success story!

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Are you a salon owner?

Treat your team to the training that will improve product sales, fill schedules and bring referral clients to your salon.
Refer your emerging and launching stylists to or ask about a team training tailored for you.

Dayna's Success is Your Success...

In this video:

How I went from beauty school graduate to fully-booked stylist in 1 year!

I was struggling to build a clientele.

I wanted to use MY creative genius.

How do I get inside their head?

How do I get them to trust me?

How do I get them to come back?

How do I get them to buy product?

2023 NAHA Educator of the Year Roderick Samuels and partner Lauren Moser-Samuels tested the 3 To Be Me Concept method in their Hair Lab Detroit salon; see how it worked for them!

Retail Sales have tripled
Productivity is up 30%
Referrals are up 40%


WOW, oh WOW! With each module, each page and word, I kept repeating to myself, "I've NEVER seen a more thorough and thoughtful training course! Congratulations on developing these magnificent training tools, illustrations, photos and for the complete client care module.

Ann Mince, My Beauty Industry Mentor

After being a hairdresser for 40 years. I found this educational program refreshing. Dayna leaves nothing out. From handling clients, using tools, and executing hair techniques from basic to advanced. This is an amazing opportunity for any hairdresser at any level.

Kim D., Salon Owner

About Dayna...

Stylist, educator, speaker, and salon owner Dayna Cakebread graduated from the Horst Educational Center in Minneapolis (now known as The Aveda Institute) in 1992. She went on to join the Aveda Concept Salons, creating their assistant programs and serving as Educational Director.  

With an additional 4 years as an independent contractor, Dayna opened Belle Epoque Salon in 2002, where it quickly became an educational studio, preparing new stylists for the challenges of a hairstyling career.  

In 2005, Dayna upgraded the salon space to provide full service with the 3 To Be Me brand and a large staff. This salon was the first in North America to achieve a Zero Impact Salon recognition from the Davines hair product line of Italy. In 2008, Belle Epoque Salon won the City of Portland award for Best Sustainable Business (small business category).  

Beyond salon life, it became clear that Dayna's talents are best applied by sharing her skills with other stylists; this unique salon concept education can be applied by anyone, anywhere in the world. In 2016, Dayna began working with students at Artecorte Beauty School in Havana, Cuba. As their North American Coordinator, she teaches there and brings supplies three times per year. She fills her calender with her online education programs, public speaking engagements, private clients and travel.

Dayna Cakebread

Now you can benefit from this new approach to beauty from the inside out! The Stylist Success Bootcamp is your quick download of a career's worth of skills you don't learn in cosmetology school and sets you up with a system of success to repeat over and over. 


Confidence in your communication, expertise on how lead & execute.



Leveling up trust connection with a one of a kind consult plan, problem solving with any client, all while creating a fool proof plan.


Self paced learning so you can feel confident creating a whole service for your client.

Where are you in your stylist success path?

Are you emerging, launching, catapulting or a rock star? Take this assessment now and find out!

Stylist Success BootCamp: Build a clientele for life!

With Dayna Cakebread

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